Our Key Features

The g9Tro Crowdfunding features a flexible smart contract for payment distribution and bill collection based on digital signature dynamics of various accounts and this offers huge potentials to the global market.


Decentralized Exchange

We will Provide the first DecentralizedExchange where you no need to pay fee for any swap you made in our exchange.


Mobile App

We will bring mobile app with easy UI design & Payments Wallet.


AI Bots for Arbitrage

We will provide an AI Bot which will help you to do best arbitrage via smart contract.Which will give you income when you are on sleep.



Staking will generate a daily passive income for you in our platform.



Deposit your cryptocurrencies as a collateral and get instant stable coin loans with a minimal intrest.



g9Tro Crowdfunding DAO members who holds G9TRO token have full control over the ecosystem throught systemic voting and governance rights


About g9Tro Crowdfunding

g9Tro Crowdfunding is a Defi project Build in Ethereum Block-chain system that creates a new decentralized exchange allow users to swap the token. The token is Deflationary on Every swap made in our Exchange. Token Holders also can stake their G9TRO token & others tokens which we will bring by based voting of our community to earn staking rewards. The rewards are withdrawable anytime.

In our world today, all financial transaction goes through a centralized custodial service provider because of counter-party risk ( a risk that your asset may not be received after you might have paid in advance).g9Tro Crowdfunding uses a Decentralized Exchange that is focused on cross-chain and non custodial transaction where asset from both parties are help in escrow with the help of smart contract and exchanged only when all requirements are met eliminating all counter party risk. It also uses a Decentralized Exchange as its primary DEFI feature, and staking often reflects the compounding value gained by withdrawing tokens by circulation and storing them to raise the percentage profit. Lending Platform allows borrowers to deposit their crypto-assets as collateral and take stable currencies against them as a minimum percentage of Interest. It would also enable borrowers to collect their secure coins on loans and receive passive Interest as a type of G9TRO token.

Token Presale Details

We will Update Information After the private sale.

Starting time :

Sep 20, 2020 (Sun 12:00 AM)

Ending time :

Sep 28, 2020 (Fri 12:00 PM)

Pre-sale Token Price

1 ETH = 2100 G9TRO

0 G9TRO 0 BCC Sale Raised Soft-caps
Whitelist for Presale
Private Sale Price :

1 ETH =1050 G9TRO

Total tokens Sale in Pre-Sale

700,000 BCC (7%)

Acceptable Currency :


Token Sale Proceeds

  • Advisors
  • Marketing
  • Public Sale
  • Pre Sale
  • Projects

Token Distribution

  • ICO Sale
  • Build Out
  • Team & Advisors
  • Private Investors
  • Bounty

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The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

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